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SMTP configuration

In order to have a working SMTP server we have to take care of “some” ;) points:

  • PTR reverse DNS record: dig +short ptr <reverse IP> must give an hostname which DNS A record points to the <IP address> of your server.
  • DNS:
    • MX → who exchange the mail for the domain?
    • SPF → which addresses can be originated from the MX?
    • DKIM → how are signed messages outgoing from the MX?
    • DMARC → what actions do you suggest to mail receivers' providers regarding the conf of SPF/DKIM and where you would like to receive reports from them to tune your mail settings?
  • Furthermore we need working antispam and antivirus
  • And of course SMTP server only relay local or TLS + authenticated connections
  • Need to add DNS entries to the host that receives DMARC reports if domain is different from the one of the DMARC itself
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